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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Joseph Bickle, L.Ac.

"Jaime has an unparalleled understanding of orthopedic exams. He has invested heavily in building a thorough and efficient workflow. Now he is graciously sharing that information for the betterment of the field"

Misty Rogers, L.Ac.

"I learned so much from Jaime's class. The amount of information you walk away with is unlike many of the other seminars I have taken. Many clinical gems that I can apply right when I get into clinic as well as knowledge I can chew on for awhile and go deeper with."

Mylinh Tran, L.Ac.

"Jaime is a master clinician sharing clinical pearls in every step of his treatment style. He openly and freely shares his knowledge. I learned so much as well as the application of it in the clinic. Jaime is very inspiring!"


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